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Pansukian: Siargao's Vanishing Naked Island

Ida Damo
Ida Damo | Jan 07, 2016
Pansukian: Siargao's Vanishing Naked Island

When you think of an island, the thought that springs to your mind are white sand, blue sea and swaying leaves of the coconut, right?

Siargao’s Pansukian or Naked Island is a speck of white in the horizon between the blue sky and sea with not a single tree in sight.

Attempts have been made to green the island as plants have now been growing in the sand.

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Naked Island is 200 meters of pristine white sand with patches of coral beds in its azure waters.

During high tide, the island disappears into the deep blue sea, and all you have is the memory of it.

If you have no photos or videos of the island before it vanished, you would think it was just a figment of your imagination.

But the island does exist and is a perfect site to take incredible stunning photos.  When you visit the tear drop Island of Siargao where national and international surfing cups are held, make Naked Island a must-see and must-visit.

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How to get there:

PAL and PAL Express has daily flights from Manila to Surigao City. Cebu Pacific flies to Surigao City from Cebu every Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Saturday and Sunday.

From Surigao City, Siargao is 2 hours away by boat. Boat From the gateway to Mindanao, Davao City, Surigao City is 8 hours away by land. Bus Fare is Php500 from Davao City to Butuan and from Butuan City to Surigao City is Php195.

From Surigao City, Siargao is 2 hours away by boat. Boat fare is Php200/head to Dapa in Siargao. Van rental around the island is Php4,000/day. Boat rental for the island tour is Php1,500 for a group of 10.

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In between the surfing and the touring, try Siargao's buko pie.

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