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Why You Must Experience Siargao's Stunning Tidepools

Ida Damo
Ida Damo | Jan 11, 2016
Why You Must Experience Siargao's Stunning Tidepools

The 437-square kilometer teardrop island of Siargao is home to the exhilarating surf waves of Cloud 9.  Siargao has been the venue for international and national surfing competitions since the 1980s and has produced some of surfing world’s champions.

Aside from surfing, there are 9 more reasons to choose and explore the island.

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One of the reasons is found in the fifth class municipality of Pilar.  It hosts one of the stunning tide pools in the Philippines that has become a favorite destination of tourists because of the iconic rock formation called Magpupungko.  In Bisaya, “pungko” means to sit. Magpupungko is popular becuase of its unusual rock formation– a much bigger rock is on top of a small rock.

During high tide, these natural pools are hidden from sight and its beauty is revealed when the tide is low.

Lying on its Magpupungko rock's feet are calm tide pools that have different shades of clear blue water.  Taking a swim in the pools is refreshing.

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Fish and other marine creatures inhabit the pools yet it does not stop you from jumping in. How are tidepools formed? As the tide rushes in, rock pools on the seashore fill in with seawater which eventually create tide pools.

Go on. Take a dip. Swim. Enjoy Magpupungko’s tide pools.

The author toured Magpupungko's tidepools again with the Island Hopping Adventure Philippines (iHAP) in December of 2015. 

How to get there:
PAL and other major airlines fly daily to Surigao City.
Siargao Island can be reached by boat from Surigao City. Roro or M/V Fortune Angels to Dapa cost from Php200 for Economy B and Php250 for Economy A. Terminal fee is Php10. Dapa Express also plies the route at Php250 from the Surigao City Port.
From Dapa or General Luna, ride the motorcycle for Magpupungko at PhP800 back and forth.  Entrance fee is PhP50.

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