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16 Best Travels You Can Have in the Philippines This 2016

Aris Mape
Aris Mape | Jan 22, 2016

With thousands of islands, mountains, beaches, and cities to choose from, creating your local travel list for the entire year may be a tough decision to make. Twenty-six top Filipino bloggers, Instagram personalities, and local travelers helped me narrow down the choices for you.

1. Culion Island

Words and photo by Yoshke Dimen, The Poor Traveler

Discovering Culion's storied past is an enlightening travel experience.

At first glance, Culion Island in Palawan looks like your typical provincial town. There’s a church on top of a hill, a plaza next to it, and a statue of a town hero standing nearby. But its history tells a tale that is unique, dark, and hopeful. In 1904, an Executive Order was issued to create the world's largest leper colony in Culion, shutting it from the rest of the world. A century later, Culion has transformed from an isolated town to a rising tourist destination. Leprosy has been cured, but the structures that sheltered the patients and health workers remain standing. Read more.

2. Batanes

Words by Aleah Taboclaon, Solitary Wanderer

One word: breathtaking. (Photo by @rishfaith)

See for yourself the beauty of lighthouses and rolling hills, appreciate the famous good nature and kindness of the Ivatans, and have a taste of their delicious cuisine. Pose under uniquely shaped rocks, admire the vista of cliffs meeting the coast, and swim in their white sand beaches. If you have enough time, you can visit all three inhabited islands of Batan, Sabtang, and Itbayat. With proper planning, it is possible to travel cheap in Batanes, one of the picture-perfect provinces of the Philippines. Read more.

3. Burias Island

Words and Photo by Angel Juarez, Lakwatsero

Offbeat and raw, the beaches are a promising tourism haven

With more than one hundred islands and islets that make up the province, it’s quite surprising that Masbate is still generally out of the usual tourist radar when, in fact, the province harbors many amazing natural wonders that are mostly in their raw state. On the northern shore of Burias Island alone, what beckons are pristine white sand island beaches and sandbars, vivid coral gardens, and sublime azure water, all in the backdrop of the majestic Mayon Volcano on the distant horizon. Read more.

4. Calaguas Islands

Words by ArisMape, D’yan lang.

Camarines Norte's pride (Photo by @thomito12)

The Calaguas group of islands in the Bicol peninsula is home to one of the country’s finest beaches. If Boracay is a lively getaway with great white shores plus the party scene, and Caramoan is a thriller in waves and rock formations, Calaguas is a quiet stunner. Its beauty remains unspoiled even years after it was introduced to the public. Mahabang Buhangin, the long stretch of white sand in Tinaga Island, is nestled in a peaceful spot in the Pacific Ocean. It serves as a perfect location to relax, rekindle the bonds of friendship and family, and reconnect with nature. A stay in a cabana at Waling-Waling Eco Resort is an added comfort during your visit. Before heading back home, explore the town of Paracale and take a side trip to Bagasbas Beach, the surfing hotspot in Camarines Norte. Read more.

5. Sipalay City

Words by Karl Acepcion, Turista Trails

This city is starting to rediscover its natural gifts (Photo by @hianja)

For the past few years, after the mineral mining boom has ended, local and foreign travelers have been quietly emerging in this coastal city south of Negros Occidental. The attractions to visit in the expanse of 17 villages are the laid-back Sugar Beach, the serene Lat-asan Cove (where Tinagong Dagat is), the exciting Campomanes Bay, the abandoned Maricalum Mines and the white sand beach of Punta Ballo. Read more.

6. Mt Pulag

Words by Mario Ban, @doctoban

Find your destiny in Pulag (Photo by @gailontheroad)

The third highest peak in Philippines, Mt Pulag has three unique features: the pine tree forest which is the base of the mountain, the mossy forest that resembles a cauliflower from afar, and the grassland where only dwarf bamboos grow (hence, the name Pulag which means bald). Pulag is the perfect destination for those who want to trek miles while being treated to awe-inspiring sceneries, camp under the stars and constellation in that clear midnight sky, and get captivated by the sea of clouds on sunrise. The sheer fulfillment of reaching the top, surpassing the freezing night and the long hours of trek is an experience one would cherish and be proud of for a lifetime. Read more.

7. El Nido

Words by Melo Villareal, Out of Town Blog

The best island in the world (Photo by @toddumpa)

El Nido, Palawan is undeniably one of the best vacation spots in the Philippines. If you’re skilled enough, you can go cliff-climbing if you want to see a bird's-eye view of the beautiful El Nido town and the famous Bacuit Bay. If you’re not into extreme adventure, you can just do island hopping, swimming, kayaking, and cave-exploring. If that’s not enough, Bacuit Bay is also known for being a marine sanctuary, so get your snorkeling gear ready and discover the marine paradise in the island of Palawan. Read more.

8. Kiokong White Rock Wall

Words and photo by Gian & Sheila, Adrenaline Romance

Bukidnon's new playground for the adrenaline junkies.

If you want to experience a brand-new, ultimate, extreme adventure, head out to this rock wall in Quezon, Bukidnon. Feel the adrenaline rush as you climb a gigantic 550-foot limestone cliff for five hours using a single rope. Spend the night on a narrow, rocky ledge hundreds of feet off the ground, with a gaping abyss just in front of your feet, and enjoy incredible vistas of Bukidnon and the neighboring provinces. To get back on the ground, you need to rappel down from that immense height. The vertical bivouac adventure, which is organized by Adventure Technology Outfitters, is the only one of its kind in the Philippines and, possibly, in Southeast Asia. Read more.

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