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Deal with It, Boracay is Awesome: 7 Easy Reasons Why


Tommy Walker | Feb 12, 2016

The Philippines is becoming more popular as the day goes by, I think we all know that. Whether you are an adventurous backpacker or a luxury lodger, this country has such a variety of wonderful spots to enjoy. There are places heard of more than not and I’m sure you’ve all been there when talking about where you’ve been. Then the inevitable question arises.

“Where did you go in the Philippines?”  Before you can think or reply, the suggested answer is blurted out “Boracay?”

I think that is the stage we are at now when talking about the Philippines.

Even for regular travelers or locals in Asia who haven’t travelled to the Philippines, as of yet, they will have heard of Boracay. Islands representing what we generally believe paradise to be about tend to be more appealing and stick in our memories longer.

As a traveller who has been on the road for several years now, it has come apparent that once a place becomes ‘well known’ or ‘touristy’ that it loses its appeal. Especially from the opinions of some whom try to cringe in disgust of ever thinking of going to a place like that because of mass commercialism. It makes me laugh really; does the commotion of humans really make it that unbearable that you simple can’t deal with it? Can we not see the positives in EVERY place we visit? Can we not forget our self fulfilled egos wanting to be satisfied with going somewhere different just because we want to be seen as unique?

Sure, I know we like to head off the beaten path sometimes, some more so than others. Wherever I go, I always find a reason to enjoy it. If you can’t handle people, then maybe travelling the world isn’t the best thing to do. I’ve been to Guyana, Venezuela, Paraguay, India and Myanmar. Some of these countries were and still are off beaten, but that doesn’t mean I don’t revel in the more ‘well-trodden’ travel spots around the world.

That being said, Boracay itself is now really number one in the Philippines. Whatever you maybe into, Boracay is pretty awesome. It has white sand, great food, a friendly vibe and great options to do something a little more active. 

I remember first flying into Caticlan Airport (the closer airport 20 minutes across the water from Boracay) and seeing the small island I was about to experience for the first time was so exciting. Boracay because of its size and how you have to get there by plane still comes across as fairly secluded, from mainlands anyway.

Boracay is awesome and here are 7 pointers to why:

It’s an island paradise.

White sands, numerous beaches, warm waters and Clear Ocean make this the postcard place you’ve always wanted to visit. You can head onto now world-renowned "white beach", take a dip, sunbathe or wander along its outstretched paths. Any photo you take here will make anyone of your social media followers jealous, as it is picture perfect. If you want something a bit more secluded there are numerous other beaches to check out such as Diniwid, Puka and Tambisaan all accessible no matter where you are staying or not.


Spoilt for choice on food

Fresh local food, awesome chain food, street food – GOOD FOOD! It’s all here in Boracay. Just take your pick. Whether you want some fresh seafood such as lobster that is paraded on food stalls outside restaurants, a hangover food day eating Yellow Cabs or Shakeys Pizza or you find yourself snacking on local buttery devoured corn it’s all worth it here. One place I always kept going back to was called ‘Smoke’ near the D-Mall, full of great BBQ Asian flavours!

Budget AND Luxury

Backpacking? Frendz Resort will be right up your street for sure, whether you are sleeping in dorm rooms or privates, the setting here is for a variety of travellers. Spider Resort is popular overlooking Diniwid Beach and its quirky but luxurious at the same time. I’m not even going to get started on the new resorts available in Boracay, there’s a ton!

Influx of people

One of the reasons Boracay outshines other islands in Asia is that there is a mix between local tourists and foreign tourists. Some other islands in Asia can be full of foreign tourists being waited hand and foot on by locals yet in Boracay there are lots of Filipinos enjoying this paradise! It’s a great place to meet people from all over the world.

It is its own little world

Boracay is a small island. It may not seem it because of the amount of people that roam but just look down when you are flying into Caticlan, it’ll give you some sort of perspective. It’s away from the world, the ocean surrounds its shores and that makes it special.

Activities galore

There is marine life in abundance so shot your snorkelling gear on or head deep for some scuba. Ariels point is pretty outrageous for a day out including some pretty high up cliff jumping that everyone seems to either embrace or hesitate at doing. Not to mention windsurfing and fishing trips too that you can get involved in.

The Filipino vibe

Boracay still has that friendly Filipino vibe. You know, the happy, appreciative personality, always wanting good times. That is Boracay. Everyone is on cloud nine here that’s just the way it is. There isn’t room for any loutish kind of behaviour; it isn’t in Boracay’s makeup. Just relax enjoy it for what it is, busy, beautiful or quiet and like they say, take it all in.

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