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Disappear Completely and Start Anew in Panglao's Bagobo Beach

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Belle Piccio
Belle Piccio | Feb 15, 2016
Disappear Completely and Start Anew in Panglao's Bagobo Beach

Panglao, located at the southwestern tip of Bohol, is connected to the mainland via two bridges. Panglao offers a long stretch of beautiful beaches which you can reach within a few minutes.

One of the beaches in the long stretch of Panglao is the Bagobo Beach.

“Bagobo” comes from the native word “bago” which means “new" or "recent” while the native word “obo/obbo/uvu” means “growth" or "grow.” Its name is a reminder of how resilient Filipinos are in face of difficulties and how we're able to start anew. 

Bagobo beach is known for its crystal clear waters, white sand and its underwater paradise. Near the beach is Arco Point, the famous diving site where a cave abounds with cardinal fish, sergeant major fish, white-eyed eels, raggy scorpion fish, black-finned snake eels, butterfly fishes and a lot more.

Bagobo Beach Resort and Restaurant is located at Barangay Libaong, Panglao Island, Bohol. Guests of Bagobo Beach will enjoy its relaxing view and calm environment. It is a nice way to treat your partner for the love month.

How to Get There

Panglao is located southwest of the island of Bohol and east of Cebu.

From Manila, you can fly to Tagbilaran (estimated cost of Php4200++, round trip, 1 hour 15 minutes).

You can also opt for a ferry from Manila going to Tagbilaran (estimated cost of Php2,000++, roundtrip, 18 hours).

From Tagbilaran, you'll have to go to a bus terminal in Dao and ride a bus going to Panglao Island. Panglao can be reached for 15-30 minutes via taxi or rent-a-van service and is only 18 kilometers away from the capital city of Bohol, Tagbilaran. It's best to arrange your hotel to pick you up at the airport or pier especially if you're arriving at night.

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