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Why Is Palawan The Most Beautiful Island In The World? We’ll Show You!


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Choose Philippines | Mar 07, 2016

If you dared to look for another place more beautiful than Palawan, be prepared to look your entire life, because you will not find something more breathtaking than El Nido in this lifetime. And that’s what makes it truly special: Palawan, most especially its most beautiful island group, El Nido, is unlike anything else in the world.

Its beauty is in its profound simplicity: compared to other beaches and marine systems in the Philippines that have been polluted by millions of tourists, the people of Palawan were able to preserve the natural integrity of their environment, and have been critical in keeping the place charming and inviting to both international and local tourists alike. You can easily see their collective effort in the beaches that are nearly spotless, coves that are free of any floating debris, or the lagoons full of crystal clear water and nothing else. In fact, the waters are so clean that when light hits the water at a very specific time, you can see all the way to the bottom!

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It’s crystal clear (pun) to see why El Nido has been voted as one of the best places to be on the planet.

Still don’t believe us? Then we’ll let Travel Insider and Tell Them Ministry videographer and pastor Jasper Ivan Iturriaga show you the unspoiled, unadulterated, and breathtaking beauty of El Nido in the video above:

Tell Them Ministry is a self-supporting ministry that creates short videos about nature or mission work to inspire other young people to do something for God. 

Watch the amazing video below: 

El Nido, Palawan, Philippines - Most beautiful!

It's been debated upon many times, but Palawan has always been described as the world's most beautiful island. But for those who have never visited this wonderful place, how would they ever know about it? Well, one look at this video and you'll see clearly why it's beloved by the world as its most beautiful island ever!Used with permission from Jasper Ivan Iturriaga and Tell Them Ministry.Do you have something beautiful to say about the Philippines, too? Come be a Travel Insider at! Share your wonderful Philippine experiences to everyone you know! Read more here

Posted by Choose Philippines on Sunday, March 6, 2016

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