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Through the Travel Insider's Lens: Relax, Summer Season Na!

Choose Philippines
Choose Philippines | Mar 14, 2016

Summer season in the Philippines is upon us. That means two things: first, people will be more quick to anger because of the heat and traffic, cursing their existence, being born in a tropical country like the Philippines, which seems to be a mere ten steps away from the sun. Secondly, however, more people will see this heat as an excuse to get away from it all, to pack up, get up, and travel to the destinations their heart longs for. So which of those two will you be?

Complaining about the insane heat in the city? Worry no more! There's a cool spring in Aguinid, Cebu just waiting for you! From Adelle Pauline Cortado.

Or if Cebu is too far, you can always go to Hulugan Falls, Laguna, which is just a few hours south from Metro ManilaFrom Arlyn Evangelista.

But if those two locations are too far, Eastern Visayas has a beautiful gem in the form of Sambawan, Maripipi, BiliranFrom Bisdak Kang Daku.

It seems as if wherever you are in the Philippines, the view of the water is always magical. Malalison Island, Culasi, AntiqueFrom Chu Chay.

But if you think that the water isn't really for you, you can climb a mountain and take in the beauty at the very summit. Mt. Binacayan, RizalFrom Cynthia Cee.

Or be one with nature in a fantastic and almost surreal tropical forest. Hagimit Falls, Samal Island, Davao del Norte. From Darex Manatad Pial.

Or perhaps, see the world from a whole new angle; while dropping to the ground at several kilometers per hour; with nothing but a parachute to keep you alive. Bantayan Island, CebuFrom Erwin Ligue.

However, if you're more of the traditional type of traveler, nothing beats leisurely kayaking in El Nido, PalawanFrom Kaloi Fernandez.

Then, after tiring yourself from kayaking, relax in the trees at the forests of Mt. Mandalagan, Negros Occidental. Hint: this is probably where they filmed Lord Of The Rings; probably. From Sen Oñas Pudadera.

And finally, fall asleep in Daku Island, General Luna, Siargao Islands, because tomorrow will be a new day for adventures! From Ernest Andrei Mascariñas.

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