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An Island Witness to a Lot of Fortunes as Well as Misfortunes


Ryan Real
Ryan Real | Mar 31, 2016

Off the coast of Nasugbu, Batangas lies an island that used to be under the Leviste's. It used to be a resort club but now abandoned and serves as a haven for those who need a break from the city life or simply getting a dose of vitamin sea. The island has been a witness both from the smiles of the people enjoying its alluring beauty to the tears of the victims devoured by the ocean.

It took us about 3 hours from Manila to Nasugbu but the boat ride was about 1.5 hours which is longer than the usual 1-huour trip. A gale warning has been raised on the day we left for the island making it a very bumpy boat ride. We had no other choice but to just enjoy the ride.

It is important to bring enough water especially if you're camping for the night since there is no potable water source in the island. Almost every structure that you'll be seeing are remains from the glamorous past of the island.

From the Greek inspired structure of Acropolis in Athens to the replica of the shipwreck, one would certainly admire the sight of it along with the turquoise water.

Alongside its beauty lies a problem that has to be addressed before it gets worse. As our way of appreciating such pieces of nature, people should be more responsible in properly handling the trash that they generate. To wrap it up, it is still a nice place to enjoy the wonders of nature as well as running away from the fast life in the city.

Watch Ryan's adventure here: 

Fortune Island from Ryan Real on Vimeo.


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