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Off the Coast of the Camarines Pronvice: Caramoan is the Next Top Summer Spot

Camarines Sur

Ryan Real
Ryan Real | Apr 14, 2016

Caramoan, a peninsula that lies on the far most coast of Camarines Sur, is a paradise comprised of islets and islands surrounded with white sand, cliffs formed by limestones, turquoise water and a lot more gems from nature. It has become one of the fastest growing tourist destination in the Philippines. Also, Caramoan has been a film site for an international reality game show (Survivor) not just once but for several times and still counting.

It took us roughly 14 hours (with 1 hour rest in Naga City) from Manila before we reached our jump off point which was Brgy. Paniman. That includes all the stopovers we had. And since it was a long holiday when we made our trip, heavy traffic was expected in some parts of the road. Upon arriving in Caramoan, we went straight to the market to purchase all the stuff we need in order to survive our 3-day camp. As we rode the boat, we went straight to Matukad Island (about 20min boat ride), started to set camp and prepared lunch. We only stayed in Matukad Island on that day for us to be able to rest after the long trip and prepare ourselves for the next day.

On the second day, we did the "long trip" (as they call it). It was really warm that day and we were struggling to survive the heat as we continue our island hopping. We were able to see "halo-halo" vendors in one of the islands and immediately gave in to the temptation. As we head back to Matukad Island, to our surprise, the campsite was already full of pitched tents. Good thing we were able to secure a good spot for out tents.

On our third and last day, we did the "short trip" covering the neighboring islands of Matukad Island. By lunch time, we were back in Brgy. Paniman, had our lunch and most importantly, bathed. Yes, it was about 36 hours since our last visit to the shower and it really felt so refreshing. We only used wet wipes to clean ourselves during our 3-day camp since there were no available bathrooms on the island. Not complaining though as it made our trip more fun.

To wrap it up, we really enjoyed the whole trip. If you're planning to travel to Caramoan (by land), be prepared for a long trip. We were there during their so-called peak season so the prices, especially for the boat, are higher than the usual rate. Prepare to endure the heat especially during summer time. Apply sunblock, not to avoid getting dark but to protect your skin. Bring enough supply of water and plan your meals well(if you opt to go camping). And always remember to smile.

Caramoan from Ryan Real on Vimeo.


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