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A Pristine Island Across the West Philippine Sea


Ryan Real
Ryan Real | Apr 29, 2016
 A Pristine Island Across the West Philippine Sea

Zambales: One of the provinces in the Philippines that has numerous beaches and charming coves and islands. Situated in San Antonio, Zambales, Pundaquit is a fishing village and has been attracting tourists for a dose of vitamin sea. It is the closest jump off point heading to the famous Capnoes Island, Camara Island and Anawangin Cove.

Travel time takes about 4 hours (average) from Manila. This makes it one of the famous destinations from people based in Manila. And getting there is easy whether you bring your own car or ride the public bus. It is possible to do a day trip but to make the most out of your trip, it would be best to spend at least a night or two. Foods are readily available within the area. You can also drop by the market and purchase some fresh goods if you plan to prepare your own food.

Visitors here usually do the island hopping trips offered by the locals. The price range vary on the number of the islands or

 coves that you want to visit and may also depend on how you haggle with them. But I suggest that you negotiate with them at a reasonable price since it is one of their source income and by supporting it, you are able to help them as they help you enjoy your trip. Pundaquit locals are really friendly and accommodating so don't hesitate to reach out to them. Camara Island and Capones Island are the closest to Pundaquit. These are small yet alluring islands. Anawangin is one of the famous coves in the area flocked both by campers and day trip tourists. There are still more islands and coves around the area but those mentioned earlier are the ones we covered during our trip.

Zambales from Ryan Real on Vimeo.

During the southwest monsoon (habagat), beaches in Zambales produce good waves that can be enjoyed by those who want to try surfing as well as the advanced surfers. Beyond this season, waves may come small or flat at times. By just being able to visit this place, you'll be able to appreciate the life away from the city. Zambales boasts of having an alluring sunset that you may watch as you sit on the sand and maybe have a bottle beer on your side. We should also remember the "leave no trace" policy to prevent these places from being spoiled.

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