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What To Do on a 30-hour Stay In Antique?


Diwata Ng Bicolandia
Diwata Ng Bicolandia | Jun 21, 2016
What To Do on a 30-hour Stay In Antique?

For me, any opportunity to travel is an opportunity to connect from people of different cultures, faiths, and ways of life. Visiting places that might give you chance to learn more about yourself is one of the perks of traveling.

Today, without any plans and itinerary, we bring you to one of the four provinces of Panay Island - Antique

Welcome to Antique, Welcome to Tibiao and Culasi, and meet my travel companion for this 30 hours ultimate Antique backpack adventure! 
Red and Razen


Swim at Bugtong River

More and more of us, it seems, are rediscovering the pleasure of open water swimming. But if you’re not used to swim in the sea, I recommend one of the favorite place to relax with your family and friends, Bugtong River located at Barangay Tuno in Tibaiao, Antique is best for picnic and swimming with a picturesque views of the mountains connecting Tibiao to Culasi. 




Soak on Hot Tubs

Getting cooked on this Kawa is something scary at first, but enjoy and relaxing. Experience Antique's famous Kawa Hot Bath that goes with leaves and of course you as the main ingredient. 


Mararison Island

Dubbed as the mini Batanes of Panay Island, Mararison or Malalison is just a 15-20 minutes boat ride from the mainland of Culasi. Relatively untouched by mainstream tourism, and a bit out of the way from most popular destinations in Panay, this island with a sand bar at the eastern tip will definitely love by many tourist visiting the island.

Red Ginger on his signature pose at the unspoiled 55-hectare hook-shaped island with beautiful mountain ranges background. 


 Culasi Tourism Office

Smart: +63-947-587-3067
Globe: +63-916-324-5068

Get to taste the quality food products of very first bakeshop in Tibiao.

Visit Tibiao Churches

For many travelers, visiting a house of worship is a deeply personal occasion. Seeking solace and spiritual inspiration, travelers of all different beliefs cross the globe to visit those locations that are meaningful to their faiths. 

I enjoy visiting houses of worship, wherever I go, because they're past and present reminders of history and culture, regardless of our personal opinions to the matter. In some cases it have become equally famous as tourist attractions as their original design. Virtually all religious sites welcome people of different faiths and most allow visitors to enjoy the sanctuary space between prayer and worship.

You don’t have to have strong spiritual beliefs to enjoy a visit to a house of worship or a spiritual site. Churches offer a special insight into the beliefs and culture of a region. 


Sunset Viewing 

Some of the most beautiful sunsets feature solid decks of middle or high clouds that cover the entire sky except for a narrow clear strip near the horizon. Whether from a mountaintop, next to the ocean, on a glacier or at the top of a skyscraper, looking to the west has never been so inspiring than these. 

Location: Beachfront outside our villa, Crystal Blue Wave Resort.
Tibiao Fish Spa

After the twenty four hours adventure we get to Tibiao's Famous Fish Spa. This form of therapy let visitors try and undergo positive effects as a result that provides a softer and smoother feet. 


My hands go to my mouth to hide my embarrassment, but my shoulders continue to shake with jittery laughter. It takes me a good ten minutes before I am able to glance down at my feet without wanting to whisk them out.

The fish massage therapy helps fight problems of foot odor and roughness of the feet. Athlete’s foot can also be treated with this therapy. 



If you plan to spend the night in Tibiao, you can check-in at Gem's Crystal Blue Resort approximately 300 meters away from Tibiao Municipal Hall.


Via Iloilo

Hop a van at Molo Terminal. Ride a bus or van plying Iloilo-Caticlan-Culasi or Iloilo-Libertad Route, get off in Tibaio, Antique. Travel time is approximately 2-3 hours.

Via Caticlan

Take a van bound to Caticlan Terminal, take a bus or van to Iloilo cia San Jose, Antique. Ask the driver to drop you off in Tibiao, Antique. Travel time is 3-4 hours. 


Red Ginger on his signature pose at the unspoiled 55-hectare hook-shaped island with beautiful mountain ranges background.

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