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Jaw-dropping Aerial Video of Northern Philippines

A.A. Mercado
A.A. Mercado | Jun 29, 2016

Stop what you’re doing and go watch this jaw-dropping, aerial video of Northern Philippines. Titled “Jewels of the North,” the video is three minutes of concentrated eye candy, a distillation of the wonders the region has to offer. From Ilocos to Benguet to Batanes, the unmatched beauty of the North is in full display here, thanks to the brilliant aerial cinematography.

Paul Quiambao, Francis Sta. Romana, and Alfie Agunoy are the three adventurers behind the epic video. Collectively known as The Philippine Roadtrip, they’ve been journeying aboard their red campervan throughout the Philippines not only to see the sights, but also to help those without electricity by handing out solar lamps and teach locals how to build more. After the North, they’re looking to head down to Visayas to continue their advocacy. And the thing is, you can join them! Yes, you can have a slot inside their campervan simply by sending a donation here:

So, kindly pick up your jaw from the floor and have your VL signed by your boss because after watching this, you’d definitely want to go on a road trip.


Images screengrabbed from the original video post.

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