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Once You've Been to Camiguin, You'll Probably Want to Come Again


A.A. Mercado
A.A. Mercado | Jul 11, 2016
Once You've Been to Camiguin, You'll Probably Want to Come Again

“Thank you and Camiguin.”

If you’ve been to this island province north of the coast of Mindanao, you’ve probably encountered this catchphrase in one form or another. It works because it rings true—you’ll definitely want to come again. And again. And again.

The Philippines is home to a myriad of stunning locales, but Camiguin arguably belongs near the top of the list. It boasts of stunning sandbars and shorelines, the renowned Sunken Cemetery, enchanting waterfalls, and relaxing springs. Those are the reasons why you’ll definitely want to come again and again—there’s just so much to see and do in Camiguin that you most probably won’t be able to experience all of those in one go.

If you still can’t say that you want to come again to Camiguin since you’ve never been there even once, hopefully, you’ll get to change that soon. Meanwhile, here’s an awesome glimpse of what you could expect from this slice of paradise.


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