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Maldivian Feels in the Pearl of the Orient

Occidental Mindoro

Ryan Real
Ryan Real | Jul 11, 2016

Have you been dreaming about spending a couple of nights in Maldives? How about this Island which is just situiated within the Pearl of the Orient.

Occidental Mindoro is a province in the Philippines which cradles scenic islands, beaches and marine life. One of which is the Apo Reef which is named as the second largest in the world and also considered to be one of the best diving spots in the country.

One of the many islands in this province is the Grace Island Resort. A small island perfect for those who want to escape the busy life in the city. They offer floating rooms where you can jump off and immerse yourself in the water as you get out of the door. Small boats and kayaks are provided by the resort. You may explore the island either by foot or by bicycles which are also available for use within the resort. They also have a mini zoo and a zip line.


Plane from Manila to San Jose


Bus: Manila - Batangas Port (1.5-2 hrs)
Ferry: Batangas Port - Abra de Ilog (2.5-3 hrs)
Van: Abra - San Jose / Aroma beach (5-6 hrs)
Boat: (Provided by the resort): San Jose - Island (1.5 hrs)

Note: We were not able to catch the Roro bus so we opted to take the route mentioned above. Left Manila at 6pm and arrived in San Jose / Aroma beach at 5:30am. On our way back, we took the route via Calapan from San Jose (van/6 hrs) and the ferry ride (Fastcat by 2GO) was way faster since it doesn't load vehicles on it. We went there on a weekday and fortunately, we were the only guest on the island. All the staff are very hospitable. Watch the video below: 

Occidental Mindoro X Grace Island Resort from Ryan Real on Vimeo.


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