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3 Philippine Islands Declared as World's Best, Again

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Choose Philippines | Jul 08, 2016

As the prices of plane tickets go down, the number of international tourists visiting the Philippines goes up. And now, more than ever, as prices reach an all-time low, visitors from all over the world are experiencing the beauty of our country, once reserved for only the wealthy and well-off. Now, even everyday Americans or Europeans or fellow Asians can easily come to the country and visit any of our beautiful shores, share their experience with their friends, and in turn, encourage more visitors to the Philippines. It’s a cycle that we should be proud we’ve finally become part of.

This is precisely what has been going on in recent years, and just recently, Travel + Leisure published an article about their readers’ choice of 10 of the World’s Best Islands, and of course, three of those 10 islands come from nowhere else but the Philippines.

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According to the article, a reader claims that Cebu is “perfect for travelers who don't want to spend a lot of money on recreational activities.” According to T+L, “Hiking through canyons, swimming with whale sharks, and diving from the top of a waterfall are just a few of the activities visitors can try.” 

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Boracay, on the other hand, is just “a puddle-jump away,” and is considered “a natural treasure” by both the locals and the visitors who come to see its powdery shores and exciting party scene.

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Of course, at the top of the list is nowhere else than the World’s Best Island, Palawan. It received the coveted No. 1 spot in T+L in 2013, and has held it ever since in the hearts of everyone who have had the chance to see beautiful turquoise waters, impossibly beautiful rock formations, and its utterly spectacular underground river.

Some of the other islands included are Bali, Indonesia, Maui, Hawaii, and Santorini, Greece. However, for the first time in so many years, the Philippines is in nearly everyone’s radar. In fact, one T+L reader claimed that “There is never a dull moment in Cebu.” Surely, that reader would feel the same with any of the other Philippine islands listed in the article. And we can’t help but wholeheartedly agree with that reader.

The Philippines is a truly wondrous and amazing place!

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