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Skin Diving and Cliff Diving in Fortune Island, Nasugbu Batangas


Maui Sanvictores
Maui Sanvictores | Sep 26, 2016

Imagine… sitting by a ledge of that city in Greece where the view is a juxtaposition of a classic architecture and a 360-degree view of the open sea. All at the same time, you hang your feet by the cliff, as if teasing them to brush over the briny waters. You inhale the salty air, as the ocean breeze traces your skin and then your hair. Now you’re seeing the setting sun, picture-perfectly sitting by the imaginary edge of the ocean. Its lights spreading like fire through the emerging waves. Imagine all that happening this weekend. Is it too good to be true? Not anymore. You can do that and more, saving money and time, in the Philippines.

Once a private-owned island, now an abandoned paradise along the Nasugbu Bay, Fortune Island boasts of a 14 km long white shore. It’s been dubbed as Phillipines’ patch of Greece. Its acropolis, consists of Grecian pillars and statues, is a sight to behold even from kilometers away. It can be reached via a pump boat on a 1-hour trip. The boat’s engine is especially annoying to the ears, but as soon as your eyes lay on that island, it will all be worth it.

Setting foot on the island, we were welcomed with a white-sand shore. Its sands are ranging from dead coral reefs to pebbles and to fine white-sand powders. Hurriedly, we climbed up the stairs leading to the acropolis and the panoramic display of hues did not disappoint. It was as if my eyes were failing to demarcate the seas from the sky. Endless horizons marrying the Grecian pillars made for a perfect Friday afternoon with friends.

 As the scene was sinking-in slowly, we found ourselves rock scrambling, making our way where one can get to the waters via cliff-diving.

The water felt cold against our skin, waves were crashing towards the rock formation where we found a dark unexplored cave. We found few living corals underwater, no sign of marine creatures too. Perhaps it was the gloomy weather that engulfed the day. Nonetheless, these did not hold us from savoring our precious time at the island. Creativity was our faithful friend, as we created our own races and games underwater. It was an awesome day with awesome friends in an awesome island at the end of the day.

But it wasn’t picture perfect after all. During lunch time, as we were looking for a place to settle in, we found scattered plastics at the shore. The mess consists of empty alcohol bottles, plastic cups from renowned fast food chains, and sanitary napkins. A heart-breaking scene indeed.

This is a call to us. Us, the adventurers, travel enthusiasts and seekers. We are at fault for not making it known that these practices should come to a stop. We, who continually seek adventures for the growth of our souls, should be unrelenting in doing so too for the preservation of our environment. The time is now. Let’s not wait until what we have grown to love becomes no more. Save Fortune Island. Save the earth. It starts with you

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(Photo from Joanne Q. Escober, Flickr, CC License for Commercial Use)

An Island Witness to a Lot of Fortunes as Well as Misfortunes

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