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Could Caramoan Be One of the Most Romantic Spots in PH?

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Choose Philippines | Sep 08, 2016

Upcoming Kampilya Teleserye Magpahanggang Wakas will highlight the beauty of one of the most beautiful destinations in the Philippines— Caramoan, Camarines Sur,  situated at the easternmost tip of the Bicol Region, facing the equally splendid island of Catanduanes.

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For the longest time, the strong waves and sharp rocks, coupled with its relative inaccessibility, has made Caramoan a less-than-pleasant destination for casual tourists. However, for the more refined and seasoned explorers, many wonders await the intrepid travelers.

With its beautiful rock formations and crystal-clear waters and pools, it can easily rival that of Palawan's Coron or El Nido, especially if you think about how close it is to the regular Luzon traveler. With that in mind, it's also a destination that isn't as crowded or congested as Boracay, Cebu, or Palawan, making it a great destination for travelers on an extremely tight budget.

But the more important question is this: will these beautiful activities be showcased in the upcoming Magpahanggang Wakas teleserye? Only time will tell, so, Abangan!

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How to get there:

For Luzon travelers, you can easily board a bus bound for Bicol, alight at the stations in Legaspi, Naga, or Albay, and simply board another bus bound for Caramoan.

For Visayas or Mindanao travelers, you may opt to take a plane going to Naga Airport. Once you arrive at the airport, take a taxi bound for Sabang Port, and take a boat which will bring you to Caramoan Guijalo Port.

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