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This Drone Shot of a Philippine Paradise Will Take Your Breath Away


Rafael Reynante
Rafael Reynante | Sep 19, 2016

Life, as random and as chaotic as it is, always involves risk: whether it’s trying a new restaurant for the first time, or investing your hard-earned money in stocks, risks abound in our daily decisions. Oftentimes, we get disappointed. However, in those rare moments when we take risks, we’re rewarded with something truly and irrevocably wonderful. That was the case of Balaram Ochangco during their latest trip to Baler.

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As he explained in his recent Facebook post, “There weren't any waves to surf onto so we decided to just look for [a] rock formation to jump onto; thus, we ended up at Ampere Beach, Baler.” He further explained that perhaps the reason why they weren’t able to find any waves in Baler—a region famous specifically for its waves—was because the trip to Baler was in itself unplanned and was merely done on the side. However, we’re sure that after passing by and seeing just how charming and beautiful the waters in Baler, they just had to stop and experience it for themselves!

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And off they went, swimming in the crystal clear waters of Baler, showcasing this watery and pristine paradise to the Philippines (and of course, to the entire world).

Did that excite you? Watch this stunning video in Balaram’s complete post, and have something to look forward to this coming weekend!

How many of you have visited and seen this beautiful watery paradise for yourself? If you have, make sure to nominate it at!

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