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Surfer's Gateway to Awesome Waves: Wooden Boardwalk in Siargao


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Choose Philippines | Sep 29, 2016
Siargao is famous for its long wooden bridges; always perfect for an afternoon chill or simply release the day’s stress. But that is just not it, these beautiful bridges are also a must if one wants to traverse over to Siargao’s famous thick hollow-like tube of waves. 

Holding their newly waxed surf boards, locals and visitors pass through this wooden bridge leading to the lighthouse. It’s the surfer’s gateway to the ocean waves.

Following Manuel Melindo, as he prepares for the early morning surf, we found ourselves mesmerized with the wooden boardwalk. The boardwalk gives you a 360-degree view of the sea. 

Its ocean-aged lumber exudes the coastal vibrations and you  know you wouldn’t go wrong with a little bit of timing especially at sunsets or sunrises.

For us, city-dwellers, not until the long weekend comes, we could only somehow find refuge in these videos, promising what might come for us, if we only take the time to live the unhurried life. 

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