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The White and Sandy Magic of Caraga's Beautiful Beach

Davao Oriental

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Choose Philippines | Oct 05, 2016

The Philippines, being a tropical country, has no shortage of wonderful beaches and exclusively-hidden islands. In fact, this is one of the many reasons why the country keeps getting an increasing number of visits from foreigners every year, with visitors coming in from all over the world, all for a chance to experience our legendary beaches and islands.

It’s not because we’re biased towards our own destinations: even international magazines have named several Philippine destinations as the best in the world. Namely, these three are Cebu, Palawan, and Boracay.

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Then again, these aren’t the only beaches in the Philippines, and there are many more that are quieter, but just as impeccably beautiful. Meet the beautiful region of Caraga:

Located 254 kilometers from Davao City, it is the regional center of Region XI, and lies along the eastern coast of the Davao Oriental province, facing the Pacific Ocean. Its many attractions include the San Salvador Parish, a century-old church which served as the central headquarters of Spanish missionaries in Davao, as well as the Santiago Cave, where century-old human remains were found, proving that Filipinos had been living in the lands of Davao even prior to the Spanish occupation.

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However, Caraga’s prime and must-go-to destinations are definitely its beaches: with a long, irregular coastline that stretches from end to end, staying in Caraga is akin to staying on a beach that can only stretch on and on. In fact, this beautiful truth is part of the reason why more and more people are becoming enamored with this quaint little place in Davao. Watch Kiko Isko’s way of showcasing his (possibly) favorite region in the video below:

Until now, there aren’t a lot of people invading its shores, so make the most of it, and visit it soon!

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