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Top 10 Tourist Spots in the Land of Chocolate Hills


Robert Brand
Robert Brand | Nov 15, 2016

I’ve been travelling to the Philippines for many years now and it’s my favourite country to visit. I just love the friendly people and its amazing beaches, particularly around the Visayas. If you’re a beach lover like myself, there are plenty of amazing tropical islands to visit. One island that definitely should be on any tourist’s radar when they visit the Philippines is Bohol. It’s a fantastic holiday destination that offers almost everything a holiday maker could want. From historic sites, wonderful gorgeous beaches, underwater adventures to other nearby idyllic islands.

One of my favourite resorts in Bohol to stay at is The Belluvue Resort, which you can see in my video review below.

In this video I have narrowed it down to my top 10 tourist spots in Bohol. There are plenty of other things to do and see in Bohol, but these 10 I think should be seriously considered.

Alona Beach
Located on Panglao Island, Alona Beach is the most popular beach in Bohol. The beach is beautiful and it’s the place most tourist stay at. There are plenty of beach resorts located here catering for all kinds budgets.  Along the beach they have plenty of places to eat, drink and shop. Not only that you can organise island hopping tours or day trips around Bohol.

Chocolate Hills
One of the most iconic landmarks in Bohol. These dome shaped hills are one of Bohol’s most popular tourist attractions. They are covered in grass that turn brown during the dry season giving their chocolate colour look. Most tourists visit the viewing platform that gives 360 degree views of the hills. There are a couple of activities nearby that you can also do, which I have shown in the video.

Tarsier Sanctuary
One of Bohol’s cutest “locals” is the tarsier. There are a number of sanctuaries set up to view this tiny nocturnal primate.  Not only are they cute to see in person, the sanctuaries provide some great information on the tarsier as well.

Bohol’s Fault Line
Bohol was devastated by a massive earthquake back in 2013 which caused huge damage to the island including some of the historic churches in the area. It’s possible to go and visit the location of the earthquake and see the fault line.

Bohol Bee Farm
One fantastic place to visit is the Bohol Bee Farm. It provides and interesting insight in to bees. Not only that,  you can try some natural produce (such as their natural icecrams) or even stay overnight as it is a resort as well.

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Loboc River Cruise
If you are doing a day trip around Bohol, a must do stop is the cruise on the Loboc river. It makes for a nice “pit stop” on a hectic day tour. Here you can sit back enjoy a buffet lunch while listing to some relaxing music and take in the lovely scenery.

Balicasag Island
One of the most beautiful islands to visit while staying in Bohol is Balicasag. It’s one of the more popular island hopping trip destinations (which you can included dolphin watching and a visit to Virgin Island). It has some of the best snorkelling around Bohol which plenty of marine life and corals. If you can’t get enough, there is a resort on the island so you can stay in this wonderful paradise longer!

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Pamilican Island
While not quite as popular as Balicasag, Pamilican is a pretty little island to visit. It has a lovely white sandy beach surrounded by beautiful waters. It’s possible to snorkel, or if you fall in love with the place stay overnight (or longer) at one of the simple rooms dotted around the island.

One area of Bohol that has been growing in reputation is Anda. It’s a lot less developed than Alona Beach and less crowded. It has a gorgeous white sandy beach and it’s just beautiful to stay at

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Dumaluan Beach
Another amazing beach in Bohol, Dumaluan is just a fantastic tropical beach to stay at. There are a number of resorts here including the popular Bohol Beach Club.

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