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Camiguin, Like You’ve Never Seen It Before!


Choose Philippines
Choose Philippines | Nov 02, 2016

Is it a coincidence that an island so beautiful and stunning, both in its setting and culture, be named Camiguin, which sounds strangely similar to “Come again”?

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Perhaps not, though that didn’t stop the beautiful island from living up to its supposed name, pulling first-time visitors as well as veteran tourists back to its idyllic setting.

However, now, a video from Camiguin Unseen showcases the beauty of Camiguin from an angle not usually seen by many, or is only seen by the privileged few: a video exemplifying the skills of the pilots of Camiguin Aviation show them doing barrel rolls, loops, and dives in mid-air, with the beautiful island and ocean of Camiguin as the wondrous backdrop.

In spite of being one of the smallest provinces in the Philippines, second only to Batanes in terms of population density and land size, it doesn’t skimp on any of the fun activities and wonderfully-rich culture you can experience. If you have yet to see Camiguin in all its wonders, the holiday season could be the perfect time to see and experience it for yourself!

Watch the awesome video in full HD here:

Camiguin Aviation from Camiguin Unseen on Vimeo.

What part of Camiguin do you love the most? Tell us about it via!

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