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5 Things That Make You Come Back To General Luna, Siargao


Yua Dominguez
Yua Dominguez | Nov 05, 2016
One item in my bucket list is to explore all islands in the Philippines one province at a time. Considering the number of provinces in the country, I made it my rule that once I have already set foot in a particular place, Ill tick it off my list and move on to a new one. No repeat visits. 

Siargao is a different story though. This island made me rethink my self-imposed rule.

Before leaving this tiny island last year, I've already been making plans to return soonest. It was year of waiting and longing to be back. It is a good thing that I kept in touched with friends from the island. A few weeks ago, I finally came back again and stayed for a week. Coming home, I cant wait to plan for my next trip again. Siargao fever.

So, what is with this island anyway?

Island Life

I've been to some provinces around the Philippines , but only in Siargao did I feel the literal meaning of "Island Life". Both locals and individuals who decided to reside in this island have the simplest and the most laid back lifestyle I have seen. They just make use of the resources that are available and within reach. I guess when you are in the island you realize which things are more important. Less is more. 

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Photo from Michele Ramos

Friendly Locals

I met and became friends with the most awesome locals who invested their time, effort and knowledge to share with me their love for surfing. Because of them, my appreciation and passion for this sport grew even more. When I returned to Siargao a few weeks back, I was warmly welcomed like a long lost friend. They shared their homes with me and treated me like family.


From Manila, it takes two exhausting flights to reach this island. Aside from that, there's only one flight going to and from Siargao. Despite the long queues and delayed flights though, you will find that all those hardships were all worth it once you step foot on this beautiful paradise. Unspoiled and pristine beaches await you without the crowd.
Shot by Manuel Melindo
Shot by Manuel Melindo

Surfing Paradise

In Manila, you have to drive 4-5 hours before reaching a surfing destination. In Siargao, it's either you paddle your heart out or ride a boat to glorious friendly waves. Beginner or advance surfers  have unlimited waves all day, all year round. Reef cuts? No problem! These are battle scars you will be proud to show to friends as a symbol of your determination and perseverance to conquer the waves.

No Traffic

Burn calories thru walking. Explore the island by motorcycle or bicycle. Road rage is not cool in this island. No traffic, no road rage. Everybody you meet on the road is more than happy to wave Good morning.
Turly, Siargao has become a second home. 

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