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3 Unspoiled White-Sand Beaches in Coron Palawan


Maui Sanvictores
Maui Sanvictores | Dec 02, 2016

Have you been pining for a time spent in an uncrowded white-sand beach where you can just lie down with the sound of the waves taking your worries away? Let the sand bury your toes and the ocean breeze brush against your skin as we give you the list that will definitely quench your thirst for the island life.


Malcapuya Island

Its long stretch of white-sand beach is no wonder one of its most sought after features. If personal space is number one on your priority, this island will surely provide enough space where you can simply take a quick snooze or snack. If you’re feeling extra active, ask the boatmen where the trail is leading to the top of the hill where an aerial view of the long beach can be perfectly captured. For photo ops, we suggest you walk to the southern-most part of the island. In there are several rock formations that would give your photos that cinematic look/vibe.


Banana Island

This is Banana Island (left of photo) taken from the island of Bulog Dos. 

This is usually where tourists dock and partake of the lunch provided by the tours. Make your way to the hammocks at the eastern part of the island after having your fill. We suggest that you grab your mask, fins, and snorkels as underwater life by this island is rich and vibrant. 


Bulog Dos Island

Snow? Yea, kind of, tropical snow perhaps.

Sand bars are the perfect way to cap off a day spent by impeccable white-sand beaches and pristine waters. A small hill is located in the center of the island, perfect for your #selfiegoals if you please. A word of caution though, you cannot cross-over to the other side of the sand-bar because the island beside Bulog Dos is privately owned. 


How to go to Coron Palawan

Coron spelled out in lights in at the top of Mt. Tapyas

Direct flights from Manila to Busuanga are available on a daily. From there, vans outside the airport are waiting, just pay 150PHP and you will be transferred to where your hotel/hostel is. 


Things to do

I love how the vastness of the ocean echoes what our distant future looks like - beautiful and hopeful.
  • Numerous tours around the Calamianes group of islands are offered by different travel agencies. Make sure you never skip our personal favorites - Kayangan Lake, Twin Lagoon, Baraccuda Lake, and the Siete Pecados.
  • From beach bumming to snorkelling away the day’s energy, you’ll never run out of things to do. You can also hike the mountains, just ask the locals where the safe trails and ideal camp sites are.
  • Watch the sunset after 742 steps of hard-earned sweat in Mt. Tapyas

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