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PH Island Beats Hawaii, Maldives, Bora-bora as "World's Best Island for Beaches and Natural Attractions"


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Choose Philippines | Dec 05, 2016
PH Island Beats Hawaii, Maldives, Bora-bora as

Travel and Leisure, a well-known website and an international lifestyle resource for sophisticated travellers, cited Palawan as the "World's Best Islands for Beaches and Natural Attractions", among other destinations.  

Photo from Travel & Leisure

Ten pristine and spectacular beaches around the globe were recognized and then again, the Philippines dominated the list.

The all-time favorite Boracay was named number 10 alongside other prominent beaches such as Maui, Hawaii and Maldives, however, it is no surprise that Palawan landed at the top spot.

The destinations were chosen based "on the planet according to the friendliness of the people, food, value, activities and sights, romance, and natural beauty."

Local and foreign individuals alike are definitely impressed with the lavish resorts, distinct lime stone formations, healthy marine life, and ivory shores of Palawan.

Have you visited world's best island? Share with us your experience. 

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