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Palawan is Choose Philippines Best Destination For Island & Beaches Category


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Choose Philippines | Dec 09, 2016

Choose Philippines Best Destination Islands & Beaches category honors the island or beach that best reflects the splendor of the Philippine archipelago. Its beauty enraptures locals and tourists alike, making it the perfect summer getaway.

Palawan, being extremely spectacular with its lavish resorts, magical lime stone formations, healthy marine life and pristine white shores, has been continuously recognized all over the globe. Just recently, they were honored at Travel & Leisure's website as the World's Best Islands for Beaches and Natural Attractions.


Then again, Palawan never cease to amaze everyone. They bagged another award at the recent Choose Philippines Awards Night. El Nido, Palawan won Best Islands & Beaches recognition alongside nominees from Cebu and Bicol.

However, aside from the wonderful natural resources that Palawan has to offer, it is the locals that makes this island extra special. These people make an extra effort to make this place more magical as it can be.

If you haven't been to El Nido yet, might as well book a flight for your next year's summer getaway.
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