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Batanes' Night Sky Is The Most Cinematic Scenery You'll See


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Choose Philippines | Dec 14, 2016
Batanes' Night Sky Is The Most Cinematic Scenery You'll See

During the recent Choose Philippines Awards, three photos stood out from the rest of hundreds of nominations. One in particular, showed one of the Philippines’ best destinations:

The photo, taken by Tin Ancheta, was shot at the Basco Lighthouse in Basco, Batanes.  Though it looks heavily post-processed, it actually isn’t: the proximity of Batanes away from large cities, as well as the scarcity of artificial lighting on the small island make it a great destination for travelers looking to see the starry Milky Way sky.

Batanes is one of the last few inhabited islands off the northern tip of Luzon, and is home to numerous locals, including the native Ivatan who have called the small rock their home for centuries prior to the colonization of the Spaniards.

The picture shows just how beautiful even the simplest and most mundane destinations are, if only you knew how and where to look. Tine was able to capture the magic of Batanes, and surely, when she shared it, more and more people would want to experience this kind of magic for themselves.

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However, Batanes isn’t just a place to stop and see the sky; it’s also great destination to go sightseeing, to be away from it all, and to experience the unique culture of the Ivatan people.

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