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In This PH Destination, You'll Never Run Out of Amazing Islands To Hop!


Yua Dominguez
Yua Dominguez | Jan 06, 2017
Photo from Maui Sanvictores

Batangas is usually the go-to beach destination of most individuals from Manila. However, drive further up north and pass through Subic Bay. It will lead you to Zambales where you will get to experience a different kind of escapade with your friends or family.

Each island manifests a distinct feature that will leave you in awe. It will cast a spell on you, convincing you to stay longer or better yet not leave at all.

Photo from Maui Sanvictores 

Hop on a boat and see it for yourself.

Anawangin Cove

No need to rent a boat to head over Anawangin. You may also opt to hike Mt. Pundaquit to see the view of this cove as a whole. After that strenuous trek, one may enjoy the cool waters of the sea.

Photo from Maui Sanvictores

Nagsasa Cove

The splendor of Nagsasa Cove is beyond words. I bet everyone would agree to that. Let the warmth of the rising sun greet you a happy morning while you lie inside your tent.

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Capones Island

Ready your snorkeling gear or diving equipment because Capones Island is a diver’s haven. Enjoy the crystal clear waters of this island in depth. 

Photo from Maui Sanvictores
Photo from Maui Sanvictores

Camara Island

Another picturesque view for a tiny island! Better add this stop to your itinerary. Be careful when the tide gets high though. 

Photo from Maui Sanvictores

Talisayen Cove

Set up your hammock inside Talisayen’s Forest. The cool fresh breeze of the trees and the panoramic view of the sea will make you sleep like a baby. 

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How to get here:

  • Ride a bus bound for Iba Zambales but, get dropped off at San Antonio’s market
  • From the market, ride a tricycle to Pundaquit
  • Then, hire a boat to go island hopping

Contact Liezel 0917 3809 104 for boat rental and/or island hopping tours

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