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Caramoan Series - The Island of Cotivas

Camarines Sur

Rodrigo Acuzar
Rodrigo Acuzar | Aug 06, 2013

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It took us around 45 minutes from the little Mount Caglago port to reach the heavenly site of paradise of Cotivas. Because of its remoteness, the island is too peaceful and quiet. I went to a lot of islands and beaches, but Cotivas offers something different. I wanted to be a castaway after experiencing this peace of heaven.

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WHAT A SIGHT TO SEE! Good morning, too, Sir.

 photo DSC_0481_zps23791b42.jpg

GOOD CATCH. Luckily for us, he got what our growling stomach wanted for brunch!

 photo DSC_0483_zps2ca90ea6.jpg

SMILE! He gave us five, we gave him a hundred for the good catch!

 photo DSC_0485_zps4d55d153.jpg


 photo DSC_0488_zps151f21f9.jpg

FRESH NA FRESH! Still twitching.

 photo DSC_0490_zps5332c3cb.jpg

 photo DSC_0502_zps29618079.jpg

View as we go...

 photo DSC_0505_zpsff4132f7.jpg

 photo DSC_0507_zps36cfe9b6.jpg

 photo DSC_0510_zps29e2ec5f.jpg

 photo DSC_0512_zpseeb69ef5.jpg


 photo DSC_0520_zps70e173b0.jpg

 photo DSC_0521_zpsb1232346.jpg

 photo DSC_0522_zps120f7db0.jpg

 photo DSC_0526_zpsefe90d47.jpg

 photo DSC_0527_zps8329a611.jpg

 photo DSC_0528_zps9d8d8871.jpg

 photo DSC_0530_zps5990da13.jpg

 photo DSC_0531_zpsc987bac9.jpg

We got the entire day to do cartwheels and jump shots! Bear with us! Jayrold Anthony Galaraga got the better shots.

 photo DSC_0534_zps9b77865b.jpg

 photo DSC_0546_zps0fc1f7ac.jpg

 photo DSC_0552_zpsae1cbaaa.jpg

 photo DSC_0565_zps0dd3ecc1.jpg

 photo DSC_0567_zpsf29da96d.jpg

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ENOUGH OF THAT SNOW ANGEL! Got another version. SAND!!!

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 photo DSC_0586_zpsb24b47bd.jpg

 photo DSC_0591_zps2acbc893.jpg

PANTAWID UHAW. We encountered two boatmen that day, one selling fish for our meal and this guy selling his freshly picked coconuts.

 photo DSC_0592_zps634d17b8.jpg

THE CHEF. While we were busy roaming around the island, swimming, doing cartwheels and documenting our jump shots, our boatman was diligently preparing our food.

 photo DSC_0593_zpsb873e5db.jpg

THE GILL DESTROYER. He was dead serious about the gills!

 photo DSC_0594_zps2974c951.jpg

C'est la vie!

 photo DSC_0600_zpsf183b7c3.jpg

Fantasy land.

 photo DSC_0602_zps46884583.jpg

I was thinking about the Nestea plunge while taking this photo.

 photo DSC_0606_zps24c48be2.jpg

Corporate what?

 photo DSC_0615_zps58b2c0a1.jpg

 photo DSC_0622_zps84c3c0c1.jpg

Taking their journey to yumminess!

 photo DSC_0623_zps8545f505.jpg


 photo DSC_0631_zpsb10a5890.jpg


 photo DSC_0632_zps35e8f635.jpg

Yes, I got time to make paypay.

 photo DSC_0635_zpsbea4244a.jpg

 photo DSC_0636_zps7a88d20e.jpg

See that houses on the nearby island?

 photo DSC_0645_zpsa186f0a8.jpg

Yumminess already reached.

 photo DSC_0647_zps6c610c0c.jpg

Food always tastes good when you plainly use your hands.

 photo DSC_0651_zpsfd3e0119.jpg


 photo DSC_0652_zps43bc4fe8.jpg

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