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Pink Island In PH Is Among National Geographic's '21 Best Beaches In The World'


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Choose Philippines | Jan 20, 2017
Pink Island In PH Is Among National Geographic's '21 Best Beaches In The World'

The Philippines has captured the international spotlight for the nth time!

In an article published by National Geographic, the island of Great Santa Cruz, or more commonly known as the Pink Beach in Zamboanga, made it to the list of "21 Best Beaches in the World." 

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The list was based on the following criteria: geological wonders, marine life, and thriling activities that can be done in the island. 

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The Philippines ranked alongside front-runners of world tourism such as Hawaii, Iceland, and Seychelles.

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The pink-sand beach is due to "billions of pieces of crushed red organ-pipe coral."

Truly a natural wonder to behold, tourism officers regulate the number of visitors in the island.  

If one plans to get their toes tinted with pink, arrangements should be well taken care of a few days before exploration.

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