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10 Spectacular Photos Of Sepoc Island That Will Convert You To A Beach Bum


Maui Sanvictores
Maui Sanvictores | Jan 20, 2017

Down south of Metro Manila is Batangas - a province well-known for its rich underwater life. Scuba divers, mountaineers, and those looking for outdoor adventures surely knows that this province has it all for them. 

This is especially true for stunning islands that covers two-types of sea-lovers; the diver and the beach bummer. Once a beach bummer crosses of this particular island off of her bucketlist, the possibility of making this place a default go-to adventure is quite high.

Behold, Sepoc Island in the town of Anilao that is only an hour of boat ride away from the mainland. It is an easy getaway that satisfies the desire for the unadulterated island life since there are no resorts residing in the island, except a huge cottage with hammocks that accommodate guests to a meal and a nap.


  • Ride a bus that is bound for Batangas from Cubao/Buendia and get off at Batangas City Terminal
  • Thereafter, hail a jeepney going to Mabini and asked to be dropped-off at Anilao Port
  • From the port, rent a tricycle going to Eagle Point Beach Resort where you need to pay a day trip fee
  • Sepoc Island is exclusively handled by them so you have to arrange boat rides with this resort

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