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In 10 Magnificent Photos: Tour The Tear-Shaped Island Of Siargao


Yua Dominguez
Yua Dominguez | Jan 23, 2017

On the upper east perimeter of Mindanao lies a tiny island that is generating a lot of buzz mostly from foreign visitors. It is ironic that we Filipinos seem to be blase or take for granted the lush beauty of our archipelago, eschewing local travel for trips abroad while globe trotters eat up thousands of miles in fly time just to reach our shores. 

One item in my bucket list is to explore all islands in the Philippines one province at a time. Considering the number of provinces in the country, I made it my rule that once I have already set foot in a particular place, Ill tick it off my list and move on to a new one. No repeat visits. 

Siargao is a different story though. This island made me rethink my self-imposed rule.

All photos are from Bren Fuentes ( 

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