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Top 10 Must-Visit & Breathtaking Destinations In Puerto Princesa


Kaiser Mangampo
Kaiser Mangampo | Jan 27, 2017

Are you feeling the pangs of wanderlust but unsure as to where to go? Then Puerto Princesa is the place to start! With its beautiful landscapes and lively city spots, you’d be wondering why you never came sooner. To help you with your Puerto Princesa tour, here is a Top 10 List of the numerous Must-Visit Destinations in Puerto Princesa!

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Simply astonishing!

1. Cowrie Island

If you plan on taking the Honda Bay Area tour, chances are you’ll find yourself at a lunch stopover in Cowrie Island. This island is a great place to lounge and relax at so that you may sit around and enjoy the beauty of the sand and the sea around you after a hearty lunch.

2. Starfish Island

This island is named so because, you guessed it, the area has multitudes of brown starfishes around its white sandy beach just lying around! For an entrance fee of only 30 PHP, you get to walk around this small but enchanting island of the starfishes.

3. Palawan Wildlife Rescue and Conservation Center

Also known as the Crocodile Farm, this place is perfect for animal-lovers. This is the perfect stop for viewing exotic animals as well as indigenous critters and learn more about them. You can even get to feed the crocodiles chicken meat, for a fee, of course.

4. Palawan Butterfly Eco Garden and Tribal Village

Like #3, this place is a beautiful spot with colorful butterflies greeting you everywhere. Aside from this, a tribal village is there to help give a background on the culture of the Pal’awan people.

5. Binuatan Creation

Learn to appreciate local indigenous industry by stopping by at Binuatan Creations and get a chance to try handloom weaving. At the same time, you would be encouraging the revival of this dying art!

6. The Bay Walk

The Bay Walk is a nice place to take a walk or ride a bike by the waterfront. Plus, if those leg exercise start to tire you out, there are lots of restaurants around the area to help you relax after a long day of walking.

7. Irawan Ecopark

The perfect place to experience the full impact of nature’s greenery is at Irawan Ecopark. With thrilling ziplines and skywalks, this place is filled with exciting amenities to keep you entertained and appreciative of the nature around you.

8. Palawan Heritage Center

There’s more to the area than its beaches and greeneries, it has history and culture too. The Palawan Heritage Center is an interactive museum that can teach you a lot about the heritage of the natives as well as their culture. It’s always nice to incorporate a little learning on vacation plans.

9. Baker’s Hill

When travelling, we are, more often than not, planning for what pasalubong (a.k.a. take-home gifts or souvenirs) we could buy and bring back for the people who weren’t able to join us on the trip. Baker’s Hill offers just the solution as it is home to various stores that make locally-made baked goodies to munch on now, and to bring back home later.

10. Puerto Princesa’s Underground River

And of course, last but not the least, it is considered to be one of the new 7 wonders of nature: Puerto Princesa’s Underground River. With the hidden waterfalls within the cave and the glistening river channels, and amazing rock formations, this truly is a showcasing of Mother Nature’s prowess.

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The beauty of Palawan!

Did we miss your favorite thing to do in Palawan? Sound off in the comments below, or share them right here on!

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