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Sambawan & Higatangan: 2 Islands Near Biliran That Are Exceptional Beyond Words


Yua Dominguez
Yua Dominguez | Apr 11, 2017

We finally laid eyes on the province of Biliran in the town of Naval. It was a place that interweaves urban and rural. Commercial areas are interspersed with what looks like the simple Filipino life. In effect, the place exudes an ambiguous vibe but we didn’t mind since we could easily get our fill from well-known bakeries and food chains.

After a quick bite of what should be considered lunch, we hailed a pump boat to reach the islands of Higatangan, Maripipi, and Sambawan. These islands that lie along Samar Sea would take 30 minutes to an hour to reach.

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Photos are from Maui Sanvictores

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