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Be A "Survivor Castaway" In This Philippine Island, But Where?


Thor Padinas
Thor Padinas | Feb 16, 2017

Undeniably this island is one of the top beaches in the Philippines. Some even call it as the "Crown Jewel of Western Leyte."

Simply wondrous!

A confession though: I have been googling this island ever since to find the nearest route, coming from Cebu. Thank God I found the Galore Tour fan page which offers boat rides, with a reasonable rate. Quickly, I created a group and invited some friends who were interested about the place, too. Knowing that we had the same passion for traveling, it was very easy for me to convince them. Right then and there we messaged 'Fritz,' owner of Galore Tour, about their package.

After doing my research I found out Kalanggaman Island doesn't have electricity and no running water system. I informed my friends, and I had initially worried they might back out, but hell, yeah, everyone was up for a Survivor-esque challenge!

After the planning and preparation, it was finally time for us to experience the primitive lifestyle of ancient humans! From Angasil Port (near Portofino), we started our 4-hour travel to the island.

Upon our arrival we opted to pitch a tent along with the other campers. We prepared our cooking set and immediately started to feel the survivor life. Immediately after, we decided to walk around and savor the fresh air and calmness of the island. Its sand bars are actually a mix of velvety white sand and very fine ivory-like pebbles.

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Kayaks and pedal boats are available in the island but I preferred to wade in the sea, listen to my favorite reggae song, chase the sunset, and most importantly, I just enjoyed the momentary luxury of nothingness.

At night there were no strobe lights, only a number of stars; there was no loud music to dance to but there were crickets sounding and  singing the song of life; there was no beer or alcohol, but there was the gentle waters to help you appreciate and get high from the stillness!

As I tucked myself inside the tent on that moonlit night, I was reminded that the best things in life are simple. Even just for that weekend, I didn't need to worry about my job. Away from numbers, coaching my reps, analyzing graphs, and leaving behind my competitive side: it was just a restorative me-time.

Crystal clear water, with powdery white sand; I think this is haven for any beach bum.

A fair warning: if you are a luxurious tourist, this island might not be the place for you; the island only has the basics, and none of the luxuries.

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