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These Picturesque Destinations In The Visayas Will Teach You A Thing Or Two About Positivity!

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Choose Philippines | Feb 24, 2017

New Year, new you? Sporting a new look just won’t do to pull that off. The year that was has been tough—admit it or not. And you’re probably still shocked by its negative impact in your life. This 2017, give yourself a fresh new start—and by fresh, we mean bye-bye negativities, hello wonderful possibilities. Relieve yourself from stress (because that’s so not cool—physically, emotionally, and mentally) and go on a vacation! Visit unfamiliar places, discover new dishes, challenge yourself and try thrilling activities—exploring the Philippines’ countless wonders can help you see things in a more positive light. Go to these idyllic destinations in the Visayas and find out what we’re talking about!


Bangon and Tarangban Falls in Calbayog, Samar

Calbayog is rich in aquatic sceneries and is dubbed as the “Waterfalls City” of Samar. And while the city boasts of numerous scenic falls, Bangon and Tarangban are considered the go-to tourist destinations. 

Bangon Falls


Please Take me back to this Place where nightmares dont exist. #BangonFalls

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The road to Bangon Falls will prove that good things come to those who persevere. The hike isn’t easy but the stunning destination is totally worth it. Bangon falls is a four-layered falls with an estimated height of 60 meters. A circular pond good for swimming and diving awaits you if you hike to the top. 

Tarangban Falls

Just like Bangon Falls, Tarangban will test your patience and determination. But don’t worry, its majestic view won’t disappoint you. What makes Tarangban a must-see is the picturesque rock formation of its falls. It’s located near Bangon Falls so you can just hike your way to Tarangban if you’re feeling a bit adventurous.


Palina Greenbelt Ecopark River Tour in Roxas, Capiz

Chances are, your hectic office schedule makes your daily dining experience dull rather than pleasant. (Having lunch at your work desk or in a crowded cafeteria isn’t fun at all—yep, we understand). So, why not treat yourself a sumptuous lunch at Palina Greenbelt Ecopark in Roxas City? You deserve it—believe us.
Roxas City won’t be dubbed as the seafood capital of the Philippines for no reason. You’re in for a highly satisfying gastronomic journey especially if you’re a seafood lover!

Image from Philip Kimpo Jr.

Enjoy lunch in a gazebo made of bamboo with a nipa roof. The hut will be pulled by a motorized banca and will let you appreciate a panoramic view of mangrove trees during the river tour. Aside from providing you a feast for the eyes and tummy, Palina Greenbelt Ecopark’s story will motivate you to stay hopeful—despite the difficulties. 

Image from Philip Kimpo Jr.

The place used to operate illegal fishing structures that caused siltation on the riverbed, thus, polluting the environment. Thanks to the joint effort to save the river, the place is now well-maintained and has opened tourism opportunities for its locals. Needless to say, Palina Greenbelt Ecopark is a proof of how hope and vision can open various possibilities.


Lake Danao in Ormoc City

A natural work of art—that best describes Lake Danao’s existence. Experts say that a depression produced by the Leyte Central Fault formed this guitar-shaped lake. 

Image from Karen Tiopes

Because of its breathtaking view and serene ambiance, the place has become one of the go-to tourist spots in Ormoc City. Visitors can also enjoy leisure activities such as boating, swimming, kayaking, fishing, hiking and camping—making the place a haven for adventure seekers.

Image from Karen Tiopes

Kick off the new year with a brand new perspective and a better version of yourself. Grab this chance to break away from the daily grind, chill out, and enjoy a stress-free vacation in these places. New Year, new you? Say yes to New Year, new adventures, too!

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