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5 Remote Beaches To Cool Down Your Summer

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Choose Philippines | Mar 06, 2017

Tourism in the Philippines has been continuously recognized locally and internationally. The islands of Palawan and Boracay, being everyone’s favorite, are always among the list of world’s best beach destination. However, with 7,107 islands, there is still so much to discover! Let go of the known and seek more remote and unspoiled islands.

Some may be a little difficult to access but the enervating ride will sure be worth it! 

Divinubo Island, Eastern Samar

Aside from the breathtaking Biri Island situated at Northern Samar, set your compass to the east, and you'll find Divinubo Island— an island so small yet so rich. 

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Bugsuk Island, Palawan

Bugsuk Island may be located far away from the famous islands up north of Palawan. The tiny island of Bugsuk boasts a distinct allure that will make you dream about it even more. 

Sentinela Beach, Claveria Cagayan

The neighboring town of Palaui, which is Claveria, possesses a majestic paradise waiting to be discovered. Spare a whole week of sun, sand and sea at the upper coast of the Philippines.

Tikling Island, Matnog Sorosogon

After swimming with the gentle giants at Donsol, do a side trip to Matnog! Tikling Island will surely unleash the mermaid in you.

Carabao Island, Romblon

Surrounded by numerous provinces, Romblon is low key and remains untouched, which makes it more ideal for people who want to be alone. 

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