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Mermaid’s Lair Found In Anima Sola Island, Masbate!


Maui Sanvictores
Maui Sanvictores | Mar 06, 2017

How long did it take before we reached an island paradise? It took us 13 hours of bus and jeepney rides, and 2 boat rides, respectively. 

© Maui Sanvictores

In the digital age, where the life of a traveler is romanticized by perfectly-angled Instagram posts, it’s easy to fall into a trap of generalizations on how glamorous and easy traveling can be. Little do we know that behind every favorited photo is a story of compromise, nuisance, and all sorts of inconvenience.

Reaching the islands of Burias took us almost half a day, not counting the usual food stops and waiting time for boarding. Upon arrival at the town of San Pascual in mid-day heat, we had to scout for a keenly priced homestay. Tired and famished, perhaps, the heavens took pity on us as we found an affordable accommodation, which was owned by a barangay official in the town. 

© Maui Sanvictores

One essential tip for the budget traveler is to take large dose of patience, loads of it, especially if you’re traveling alone or with a buddy. Going around off-grid and far-flung islands in the Philippines means steeper prices for boat rides; fewer tourists mean lesser sources of livelihood for the locals.

Be ready to sleep in confining or cramped spaces to save more penny for lazing around the tropical paradise. Remember, prioritize experience over comfort, always. There is always growth in stepping out of one’s repose, every now and then.

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When one is ready to stretch patience and take risks for growth, the possibilities in life become endless; that's the moment where one finds saving grace, in a pocketful of learnings, and in discovering one's self.

Traveling gives you a new perspective helpful to see the world differently, even by just looking at photographs which remind you of a memorable experience in a particular place.   

A destination is only a fraction of the beauty that is in travel. The serenity and mystery of nature beheld found home in the stories you will someday get to tell your closest friends and, perhaps, the next generation. 

© Maui Sanvictores

Setting foot on the island of Anima Sola relieved all the distress from the long travel and arduous preparation. 

© Maui Sanvictores

What looked like a mermaid’s lair did not only enamor our eyes but also our entire being; what struck us the most was the fact that such wonder exist.

© Maui Sanvictores

The tactful carvings called "turbidite" in the island's sedimentary rocks looked so surreal that one would think Anima Sola came straight out of a fairy tale. 

© Maui Sanvictores

Masbate is esteemed with beautiful white sand beaches with just the right blend of unfamiliarity and peculiarity.

© Maui Sanvictores

Have you been to Masbate? How did the hefty 12 hours of travel go? Don’t hesitate to share your journey with us in the comments below. PIliin mo ang Pilipinas!

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© Maui Sanvictores

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