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Palawan's Twin Lagoon Is “The Clearest On Earth”

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Choose Philippines | Mar 09, 2017

The Philippines is often lauded with being blessed with an abundance of beautiful natural resources: from mountains to beaches, and everything else in between. Couple that with a wonderfully warm and hospitable people, and you have a recipe that screams success in terms of popularity with tourists.

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Most beautiful indeed!

Palawan is no exception to this. In fact, Palawan is one of the Philippines’ most visited tourist hotspots, and is celebrated the world over, often labeling it as paradise, or straight-out calling it “the best island in the world.”

We can go on the whole day listing the many reasons why Palawan is worth visiting. However, one video created by Pilotmadeleine and published on Architecture & Design recently went viral, garnering over one million views and over nine thousand shares. The video, less than half a minute long, was fairly straightforward: it simply showed how clear the water of Coron, Palawan’s Twin Lagoon is. More than that, however, it implied how beautiful and idyllic the entirety of Palawan is: from its clear waters, fantastic rock formations, and bountiful flora and fauna. It’s a place definitely worth going to, especially if you’re a traveler looking for someplace truly magnificent.

Watch the video below and be amazed by the lagoon’s sheer clarity:

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Nothing is more beautiful!


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