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Why Is This Palawan Island Named Banana?


Maui Sanvictores
Maui Sanvictores | Mar 09, 2017

Palawan has remained in the top spot of choice for many local and global travel and lifestyle magazine. The wonder in the island's rare beauty simply captivates the hearts of people, all over the world.

But do you know that it’s not merely Coron or El Nido that is in the magical Palawan? There is such a thing called ‘Calamianes Group of Islands’ where unexplored islands, islets, and unnamed lagoons are part of. 

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© Maui Sanvictores

One particular island caught our attention, with its velvety fine white-sand that almost reflects the rays of the mid-day sun, and oh, let’s not start with how marvelous its surrounding water is - ranging from crystal clear to nile blue. This one’s simply alluring to every human senses. LOOK:

© Maui Sanvictores
© Maui Sanvictores

Why is the unspoiled island called Banana? That is what we long to find out as locals call it by that name even though the island is not shaped like the fruit. Do you know why? Let us know it the comment box below! How about you, what's your favorite lesser-known island in Palawan?

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