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Summer Getaway: The 3 Incredible Islands Of Burias In Masbate


Yua Dominguez
Yua Dominguez | Mar 16, 2017

Situated at the small town of San Pascual is Burias Island which is composed of three distinct islets of Tinalisayan, Sombrero and Animasola.

San Pascual is detached from Masbate mainland, thus the journey getting there may be a little grueling, but just like the saying goes, it’s not all about the destination but the journey.

© Maui Sanvictores

The stimulating amalgam of both the journey and destination will make your adventurous spirit pleased, most especially when you explore the province's 3 distinct islands. 

Sombrero Island

Among the three islands, Sombrero is the most favored. The cerulean colors of the sea is the perfect vista for some rest and relaxation! 

Sombrero Island

Tinalisayan Island

Ready your festive beach blankets! Tinalisayan Island is the ideal place to laze around. When the tides are low, it becomes an ideal spot for strolling along the sandbars. 

© Maui Sanvictores

Animasola Island

Dubbes as the "mermaid’s lair", this island will surely intrigue you. Another must-do in your bucket list.

© Maui Sanvictores

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