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5 Amazing White Sandbars Away From The Crowd

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Choose Philippines | Mar 12, 2017

If you’re from the urban jungle, I bet you seek a tranquil place to release all those pent-up stress. For most people, a change of scenery is the best option to unwind. A dose of powdery ivory sand and the breeze coming from the azure sea is just  what the doctor ordered. Sometimes the spectacle of blazing sun as it sets in the horizon puts things in perspective and, suddenly, everything is alright in your world again.

Find solace and peace in these paradise. Always remember though, leave no trace. 

Palad Sandbar, Marinduque

Ready your sunglasses and beach hats. Palad Sandbar will beguile you as you welcome the warmth of the sun with open arms.


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Tinalisayan Sandbar, Masbate

Relish the feel the powdery sand on your toes.  Stare with wonder at the azure waters and let your mind wander.

Cotivas Sandbar, Caramoan

Discover the allure of Caramoan’s sandbar. 

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Higatangan Sandbar, Biliran

After that energizing dive, lounge around Higatangan’s pebbled sand bar. 

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Sandbar at Malalison Island, Antique

Aside from the spectacular rolling hills and stunning islet, there is a tiny sandbar in Malalison Island that will sweep you off your feet. 


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