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Camp Out On The Beach In Kalanggaman Island: Complete Itinerary & Budget


Tung Phan
Tung Phan | Apr 10, 2017

Kalanggaman Island, located in Leyte in the Philippines, is slowly becoming more popular, for more than a few reasons: crystal-clear waters and a long sand bar stretching towards both sides of the island greet you upon arrival, and the island itself offers ideal spots for snorkeling, kayaking, and even star glazing at night. My heart was captured by the calming sea waves and the tranquility of it all the moment I put my feet on the white powdery sand there, and I want to share it with you, too!

We had been planning for this trip since last year by grabbing Cebu Pacific Seat Sales – 2016. If you are planning to go there, you can see how to get there as well as the latest update on the island as of February 2017 at the the end of this article.

View of the Island looking from the sandbar

Available accommodations on the island are either tents or cottages. Cottages are limited, however, so if you are uncomfortable staying in the tent, it is advisable that you should contact in advance to reserve your cottage (Rates: see at the end of the article)

Perfect spot for Beach Camping

There is plenty of shade on the island so finding a location to setup the camp is not hard. Just beware of the spot with ants (where the name Kalanggaman comes from), and always remember to check the surroundings first. You can choose to stay near the solar light or CR to be more convenient at night since the island does not have electricity. For us, we preferred the beach over the convenience!!!

The sandbar will not let you down
One of the best sandbar we have ever seen

If you prefer some peaceful moments over the dynamic atmosphere often presented in most tourist beaches nowadays, this is your place! Take a shot, feel the wind, see the sun, dip in the ocean, and just enjoy life to the fullest in Kalanggaman Island!

Now we understand how Moana feels when she was looking at the Ocean!
I could play all day in the crystal clear water if my girlfriend did not push me to prepare dinner with her haha

The sun was about to went down, that was when we decided to get out of the water and took a walk around the island (yes, you can discover the whole island in around 15-20 minutes of just walking). If you go to the west side of the island when the sun goes down as we did, the view at dusktime will amaze you with its undeniable beauty.

Sunset on the island!

Photo credits to my girlfriend @erynnegascon . Follow her oninstagram for more awesome photos!

Photo credits to my girlfriend @erynnegascon . She is always good with scenery photography than I am : D

Take note that the island does not offer electricity, there are solar lights but most of the island remains in the dark during the night, so flashlights or camping lights with spare batteries are a must if you are planning on staying overnight.

Dine in the dark Kalanggaman Island version!!!

Don’t sleep too early, look at the sky during the night and be amazed by the thousands stars sparkling upon you. That is one of the scenes I will never forget for the rest of my life. But don’t sleep too late also, be ready to wake up early the next day. The dawn there will catch you off guard with its first lights shining up through the darkness of the ocean. (Damn, you get to see dusk AND dawn in the same island!)

Catching the first light of the day

With untouched nature right in front of your tent, it would be a waste if you skip snorkeling here.

Not an everyday scene to see if you are staying in Makati like I do huhu

Kalanggaman Island Travel Guide

How to get to Kalanggaman Island

From Manila: Take a flight to Tacloban City, Ormoc City (both in Leyte) or to Cebu City. The other option, which we took because my girlfriend was able to secure as cheap Cebu fares (500 PHP rounds trip), was to fly to Tacloban City in 1 hour and take a 3 hours van to Palompon port (where to get on the boat to Kalangaman Island). Once you reach the Palompon port, it will take another 45 mins pump boat ride to the Island

From Cebu: Travel by boat to Ormoc City, or you can travel by land to Bogo City then take a boat ride to either  to Palompon or you can go straight to Kalanggaman Island Philippines. There are daily boat trips plying the Cebu City-Palompon route by Super Shuttle Ferry Pier 8 Private Pier Terminal in North Reclamation Area, Cebu City (Telephone: (032) 232-3150, (032) 231-0639, (032) 234-4121, (032) 345-5581).

Important Reminders

Once you arrived in Palompon, registering at Palompon Ecotours Office is compulsory. The office is located in front of Liberty Park near the Municipal Hall of Palompon. Palompon Ecotours Office (053-338-2094) Mobile (0917 303 7267) (0917 303 7269) or visit their website (

How much is the round trip boat rental? (as of February 2017)

P3,000 – for 15 pax maximum
P3,500 – for 25 pax maximum
P4,000 – for 30 pax maximum

If you are going alone or in couple (like us), don’t worry, just tell the Tourism Office if you can join the boat as joiners. It costed us 1,100 PHP all in all for the boat ride to the island and back. The trip going to the island costed more since there are only 4 passengers on the boat. Remember the name of your boat so the next morning you can board it when it comes back.

Day Tour Rates (as of February 2017)




These are the rates in Feb 2017. You have to determine if you are staying on the island before you go. Please note that foreigners do receive different rates (but if you look like a Fillipino, like I do, you might get away with local price).

Cottages available on the island

Where to Eat

There are no restaurants in Kalanggaman Island so bringing food & drinks is recommended. There is a market right next to the Tourism Office so that should not be the problem. There are grilling stations and wooden tables on the island, just bring the utensils. They do sell drinks on the island but the price is extremely high (c’mon, you are in the middle of the remote island, this is expected).

Travel Tips

  • It is recommended to start your boat trip early, such as 6am if you prefer a smooth boat ride. We went off at 11 am, the waves are stronger but the ride were okay.
  • There are no resorts in the island but you can bring your own tent if you want to stay overnight or rent one at the Tourism Office (See rates above).
  • There are huts and cottages for rent in the island
  • Tourists are allowed to bring their own food in the island. Cottages on the island are another options. It is recommended that you contact the Cottages service directly instead of going through the Tourism Office.
  • Restrooms and Shower Areas are available in the island (please note that fresh water is limited therefore, they use a pump to get sea water to use, bring extra fresh water if you want to take decent wash!)
  • Bring drinking water, there is no source of drinking water on the island
  • To all Gadgets, camera owners, Power Bank is a must, there’s no electricity on the island.
  • Mobile Phone signal are extremely weak, you can still connect but its so slow that until a point you give up and enjoy the beauty of the nature instead.
  • Be a responsible traveler, practice Leave No Trace. Whatever your brings onto the island, including trash you produce during the time you are there, bring it back to Palompon.

Sample Itinerary (this was our itinerary)

  • 6AM: Flight Manila to Tacloban
  • 8AM: Van from Tacloban to Palompon
  • 11AM: Lunch at Palompon, register with Toursm Office
  • 12PM Take boat to Kalanggaman Island from Malapascua Island
  • 1PM Arrival at Kalanggaman Island
  • 1.30PM Setting up camp
  • 2 PM Lunch
  • 2 PM – 5 PM Free time. Swim. Taking photos
  • 5 PM – 9 PM Dinner. Star glazing
  • 10 PM Sleep

Next day:

  • 6AM: Wake up. Enjoy the dawn
  • 7 AM – 9 AM: Swimming. More photos!!!
  • 9 AM – 10 AM: Taking shower. Packing
  • 10 AM: Boat arrive. Start going back to Palompon
  • 11 AM: Arrive at Palompon.

Total Cost Per Person: (Group of 2 pax)

  • Flight MNL – Tacloban (roundtrip, Cebu seat sales): 600 PHP
  • Tacloban to Palompon van: 150 PHP
  • Entrance Fee to the Island: 250 PHP
  • Tent rental for 1 day (per person – group of 2): 125 PHP
  • Boat ride to the island (roundtrip – per person): 500 PHP
  • Food & Drinks (per person – group of 2): 328 PHP
  • Chair & Table Rental for 1 day: 50 PHP
  • Palompon to Tacloban van: 150 PHP

Total: 2,153 PHP

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