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Pink, White, Grey, & Pebbled: Take Your Pick From 4 Mesmerizing PH Beaches

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Choose Philippines | Apr 03, 2017

Feel the warmth of the smoldering sun on your shoulders and the silky sand between your toes. Behold the blush pink dunes which goes well with your festive beach blanket. Let the ceaseless flow of the wave merge with the dark seashore. Watch kids enjoy the contrasting shapes of the pebbles while enjoying a dip in the blue waters.

The Philippines never ceases to amaze, and the diversity of natural wonders is intriguing and captivating. So, which one do you prefer: pink, white, gray, or pebbled beaches?

Pink Beach, Zamboanga

Pink sand? Yes. The Pink beach in Zamboanga was recognized by National Geographic as one of the “21 Best Beaches in the world”. Its’ distinct color came from billions of crushed organic pipe coral which makes it exclusively unique. One of a kind!

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Mabua Pebbled Beach, Surigao

Pebbled beach in Surigao? Why not?

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7 Commandos, El Nido Palawan

Unwind at 7 Commando’s immaculate stretch of pure snow sand shores. Let the balmy ocean breeze caress your skin while waiting for the glorious sun twinkling in the water as it sets.

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Sabang Beach, Baler

One of Philippines’ surf town boasts a smoky and shady oceanside. It may be dark, but it sure is still beautiful.

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