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Tour C Of El Nido, Palawan: Why This Is The Best Island Tour Package


Yua Dominguez
Yua Dominguez | Apr 14, 2017

Availing packaged tours are the best way to enjoy a worry-free vacay. For this particular trip, El Nido Paradise Tours organized all the things needed to make our island hopping stress-free, all for Php 1,400 per person only.

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The rate is a steal considering that the package already includes the entrance fees, rental of snorkeling equipment, and buffet lunch, making one fully enjoy the entire trip. 

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Tour C is the most preferred and the favorite of most tourists, which includes hopping to different islands and beaches: Helicopter Island, Manitowoc Shrine, Secret Beach, Star Beach, and Hidden Beach.

Helicopter Island

Shaped like a Helicopter, thus its name, this island is an ideal place to lie on the fine blush skin-toned sand. Don’t forget to bring your portable speakers. A full blast music will help to set the mood. 

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Matinloc Shrine

Want to see a panoramic view of a side of El Nido? Climb up Matinloc Shrine!


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Secret Beach

Swim your way to a passageway before setting foot on this tiny secret beach. Pretty amazing!


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Star Beach

Behold the kaleidoscope hues of blue while feasting on some fresh grilled lunch  kamayan-style in the island. 

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Hidden Beach

Pass by some fascinating boulders and discover a beautiful surprise. A hidden secluded beach awaits.


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For inquiries you may check their website and Facebook account.

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