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Quezon Province's Jomalig Island: Laze Around 4 Beaches In The Middle Of The Pacific


Daryl Orillo
Daryl Orillo | Apr 19, 2017

Uncrowded. Serene. Beautiful

One would actually run out of words to describe island municipality of Jomalig Quezon Province which situated in the Polilio Group of Islands found in the middle of Pacific Ocean. It requires about six hours of boat ride to visit this oceanic paradise, but all the effort and stress in getting to the island will surely melt away once you gaze upon Jomalig's beauty: it has a sandy beach that glistens gold under the sun, and the water is as clear as the sky itself. Everything is an invitation for you to come an experience it, and hopefully, tell your friends to do the same, and feel the island's beauty for themselves.

Each shore and part of the beach has its own particular brand of beauty: from Salibungot Beach, to Golden Sand Beach, to Little Boracay, and to Kanaway Beach. Each area can be enjoyed in different ways, and only proves how close Jomalig Island is to our definition of paradise, and it can be found nowhere else but here in the Philippines. 

Watch the video above to find out why this place is simply amazing, and worthy of your visit!

Place to Visit In Jomalig Island:

- Sadong River

- Salibungot Beach

- Golden Sand Beach

- Fish Sanctuary

- Little Boracay

- Canaway Beach

- Lingayen Cove


How to get there?

1. Ride a Bus from LegardA bus Station to Ungot Port in Real, Quezon (Php 195.00)

- 3-4 hours travel time

2. Ride a boat from Ungos Port to Jomalig Island (Php 350.00 with 1 meal)

- 5-6 hours travel time

3. Ride a habal habal from port to your selected resort (Php 70.00).

** Environmental fee is Php 170.00

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