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Top 4 Friendliest Islands In The World Are Found In The Philippines

Palawan, Aklan, Cebu,

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Choose Philippines | Apr 18, 2017
Top 4 Friendliest Islands In The World Are Found In The Philippines

It’s been said countless times that the Philippines is a warm and sunny place to visit, with its tropical climate, fine beaches, and wonderfully-rich natural resources. However, what many international visitors often overlook is the fact that, apart from the destinations frequently visited, the people who populate the seven thousand islands are just as warm and sunny. In fact, online magazine Travel + Leisure recently unveiled a list detailing the friendliest islands in the world. Unsurprisingly, four of the topmost islands are from the Philippines, namely: Palawan, Cebu, the entirety of Luzon, and Boracay.


Conde Nast seems to love Palawan: it’s been included in several lists, detailing just how beautiful it is. Well, now, they’ve come to realize that Palawan is made even more beautiful by its people: warm, friendly, and most importantly, always able to crack a smile no matter what.


Home to perhaps the best lechon in all of the Philippines, Cebuanos will not hesitate to offer you a plate in their home should you ever be in dire need. It’s a trait shared by many Cebuanos, and is further bolstered by their fun-loving and God-fearing culture.


 Boasting some of the best cuisines in all the country, Luzon has a diverse and wide range of friendly places to visit, from Batangas, to Ilocos, to Pampanga, and of course, Metro Manila.


It’s been the premier summer destination for locals and foreigners alike, and it isn’t just because of the fine white sand or the beautiful sunsets. The reason why visitors constantly flock to Boracay is—simply—the people are amazing: friendly, warm, and accommodating. No wonder everyone loves going there.

The Philippines really is a wonderful place to see and experience. If you’re a foreign visitor, or a local who has never explored outside the city, make your next trip here in this wonderful country!

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