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A Real Life Postcard: Bataan's Cochinos Point Will Allure You In So Many Ways


Yua Dominguez
Yua Dominguez | Aug 16, 2017

You probably heard about the amazing caves and coves of Five Fingers in Mariveles, Bataan. It is facing the west side of Manila, Cavite and Batangas making it more accessible by sea. The "thumb part" of Five Fingers is called Cochinos Point. A road trip is probably the best way to get here, passing through the provinces of Subic and Pampanga.

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Always be on guard while climbing Cochinos Point. Be mindful of the wobbly boulders of rock you set foot on. The view of the phenomenal seascape at the top of the hill makes the grueling hike and the burning sensation on your skin, because of  the sun's scorching heat, all worth it. On your way down, cool down with a dip in the sparkling waters of Bataan. Going further down the hill is a spooky cave where one can swim and explore. 

How to go here:

  • From Manila, hop on a bus from Cubao or Buendia heading to Mariveles Bataan

Other sites to see in Five Fingers

  • Tinanlakan Cove, Natsu Lagoon, Nagbintana Arc, Pebble Cove, Sisiman Bay, and Pulong Kawayan Cove
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