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Come Experience The Allure Of The Sunset In Camiguin's Secret Spot


Ida Damo
Ida Damo | May 12, 2017
Come Experience The Allure Of The Sunset In Camiguin's Secret Spot

Camiguin or the island born of fire is known for its seven beautiful (and active) volcanoes and the fiery sunsets that blaze its sky. What locals are keeping a secret, however, is the hot water spring pool that you can submerge your tired muscles into at the end of the day. 

The Sunken Cemetery is one of the spots in the island where the sunsets are so awesome that even the thought of standing on or being in a cemetery will not give you the creeps.

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On my first visit to the island, Camiguin travel buddy Therine told me not to miss the hot spring at sunset in what locals call the Secret Spot. So off we went to this secret location.

The sun was already on its way to setting completely as we went down boulders and volcanic rocks. I was holding on to the boulders while struggling to take photos of the stunning dusk unfolding.

It was the glimmering water soaking up the last of the sun’s rays that was a surprise for it was hot.  As I lowered my body to take a dip and eventually soak, I could feel my tired muscles relax and the tense nerves ease out. It was like an outdoor sauna in a beautiful natural setting.

What makes the water hot? According to the locals, this was the original location of a hot spring but with time, it was covered by boulders but the hot water still flowed freely into the sea.

I did not want to get up and scramble over the boulders in the dark so I had to stand up and be thankful that I had the chance to be in that moment and slowly climbed my way back to the top.

Thank you for sharing this secret spot with me, Therine.

How to get there:

Major airlines now have flights to Camiguin from Manila.   
From Mambajao, take a habal-habal and go to the Sea and Sun Resort.  The Secret Spot is located within its peripheral area.  Ask the locals. 

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