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5 Must-See Places In The Land Of Chocolate Hills: Bohol


Maui Sanvictores
Maui Sanvictores | Aug 07, 2017

They say, vacations are always exciting until the time we have to plan for it. This is true is so many ways and when it comes to things like these, we sought the help of friends, families, or experts, that is, to make sure that we use our resources down to the very last penny to its optimum.

You don’t want a day wasted inside your hotel room because you haven’t took the time to sit down and plan out. So, here in Choose Phlippines, we seek to make things easier for you. Here are 7 top recommended places in the island of Bohol.

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If ever you find yourself in this island one of these days, just bookmark this article, and you are good to go! Mabuhay!

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Tick off these destinations one by one and dont’ forget to tell us your story by logging on to or simply share your Bohol photos with us by tagging us and using #ChoosePhiilippines.

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